Musicians really are upper limb athletes. They need to take as much care of their bodies as any athlete/sportsperson would. Of course the demands on them are very specific and quite different from the athlete. These demands need to be thoroughly understood by the healthcare professional looking after them. The very best approach of all is the PREVENTION of overuse-type injuries in the first place.

Cliff Woodward has spent over 30  years involved with musicians of all kinds, from classical to jazz to rock. This grew out of his own passion for music as a classical guitarist and professionally from his working with a leading Melbourne plastic surgeon/hand surgeon for 12 years. He has assisted all manner of  professional instrumentalists back to performance level. Cliff is one of the most experienced therapists in Australia in the treatment of musician’s injuries.

He has taught classes on over-use prevention and performance enhancement at Monash University, Melbourne University and the Australian Catholic University and has consulted at a local specialist music high school.