Meditation can be helpful to us on so many levels. Many of us face the urgent need to lower our stress level and to be less subject to anxiety. We know that the lower our stress level, the better able our body is to heal whatever is challenging it. This is where Meditation can be so important in our recovery from illness and, better still, in enhancing our immunity or resistance to disease. Also, the lower our stress level/anxiety level, the more energy is available to us for the greater enjoyment of life. Many of us long for “a bit of peace and quiet” - Meditation shows us that it is to be found right here, within ourselves.

Meditation has been used in all of the major spiritual traditions of the world but essentially it is not owned by any tradition and stands on its own as a path to peace and health. Of course it can be used to enhance any spiritual practice if one chooses that. The Way of Peace classes are non-denominational and are not associated with any religion or specific spiritual practice. They are, very simply, a path to Peace.

Cliff Woodward has been involved in meditation for forty  years and has been actively and passionately teaching the Way of Peace Meditation Classes for the last twenty five years.

Classes are held every Thursday evening at The Avenue Neighbourhood House, Eley Road, Blackburn South, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm The cost is $5 per class, and after the room hire charge  all proceeds are donated to a wide variety of charities both at home and abroad, as directed by the class itself. Beginners are welcome to join at any time anytime and will be given preparatory material if they have no or little background in meditation.